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Online learning schools: top 10 reputed schools

Students residing in Canada now have a wide variety of options with the availability of online learning schools. These courses are certified and recognized by top universities. Below are the names of top 10 reputed online Canadian learning schools:

  1. Athabasca University –It has a campus in the city of Alberta. The courses offered are Bachelor of Health Administration, B.Sc. in Computing and Information System, Master in Nursing, MBA, and Doctor of Education in Distance Education.
  2. Thompson Rivers University – Its main campus is based in British Columbia and satellite campus in Williams Lake City. It offers courses like Bachelor’s in Design, Tourism Management and Business in Real Estate. It also provides Anesthesia Assistant Diploma and Animal Welfare Certificate.
  3. Toronto University – This University has the strongest faculty for online school learning. There are 26 courses in Financial, Computers, Mathematics, Health, etc. fields.
  4. McGill University – It has the campus in Montreal with online courses provided for certain academic years. It has more than 30,000 students in nearly 300 programs. It has many elective courses for the students.
  5. Laurentian University –The bilingual university offers courses in both English and French. It provides business-related online programs. The courses consist of Honors Bachelors of Commerce and MBA both offered with combining efforts of the Certified General Accountants of Ontario.
  6. International Career School – This institute has nearly 50 online programs to the Canadian students. Their educational courses are quite affordable. Its courses are related to High School Education, Business Programs, Health Services, Animal Care, Technology, Legal Studies, etc.
  7. University of Manitoba –The University is situated in Western Canada and offers over 140 courses online. It enrolled more than 25,000 undergraduates and 3,700 graduates. The courses offered include Arts Integrated Studies, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts, and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education.
  8. Ashford University – This is a US-based online learning school but provides 60 online degree courses for the students residing in Canada too. The 24*7 assistance and support and the affordable tuition fees are its benefits. The courses are in Education, Healthcare and Accounting streams.
  9. Canadian Virtual University – It is an online university that offers courses from versatile Canadian colleges and other universities. It grants courses in French and English like B.Sc. in Architecture, Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Social Work, Doctor of Business Administration, etc.
  10. University of Alabama – Its campus is located in Tuscaloosa and accepts students from outside Alabama too. It has 24 online programs with nearly 55% of the financial aid rendered to students. Its courses include Nursing, Law, Engineering, etc.

To conclude, if you are living in Canada and looking for your favorite online educational program, then these are some of the top 10 accredited online learning schools.