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Bow Valley College certificate program offers financial management expertise

March 24, 2011

The success of any business operation hinges on sound financial management. That means people with accounting and related financial skills are in demand in all settings — small private enterprises, large corporations and public sector organizations.

Bow Valley College’s (BVC) Accounting and Financial Management certificate program, which is offered online through eCampusAlberta, provides a flexible and convenient way to gain those skills.

The program has an annual fall intake, with two courses offered each semester. Students can typically expect to complete the program in two to three years. The 13 required courses cover accounting principles; computerized accounting; financial management, planning and controls; budget preparation; and other related business management topics.

Bow Valley College graduates of the program are typically employed as accounting assistants, payroll clerks, accounts receivable/payable clerks and accountants.

Long offered as a full-time program through traditional classroom delivery at BVC, online delivery was developed to create more opportunities for part-time and distance learners, says Elza Bruk, Dean of Business and Industry Training for BVC.

More than 25 students are currently enrolled.

Who is most likely to succeed in this online learning environment?

“Students must be self-motivated, organized, able to learn on their own and persistent. They should also be unafraid to ask questions or to ask for help,” Bruk says.

She also adds that BVC makes two-way communication a priority.

“Regular contact from the college makes students feel connected and welcome, which in turn encourages them to continue,” she says.

Student feedback to this approach is positive. “Students have been very pleased with the attention and help from instructors and have said that their instructors go above and beyond the basic expectations.”

Online discussion boards also provide opportunities for students to connect with each other.

“These are an effective way to interact with classmates and have a more personal learning experience,” Bruk notes.

The BVC Accounting and Financial Management certificate program is also designed to offer pathways to further credentials.

“Graduates can transfer directly into the second year of our Business Administration Diploma program. As well, several courses count toward both the Certified General Accountant and Certified Management Accountant designations.”

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