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Community Access

Welcome to the eCampusAlberta Community Access site.

eCA works closely with its 11 member Comprehensive Community Institutions (CCIs), who have a regional stewardship mandate, to develop partnerships with other organizations and community agencies to support community access to online learning opportunities provided by post-secondary institutions and community agencies.

The overall goals of this work are to foster the development of resources and training opportunities for those facilitating access to learning at the community level, and to expand community access networks at both the community, regional, and provincial levels.

Through partnerships eCA has begun exploring development of resources to support those facilitating access to adult learning opportunities at the rural community level. eCA is also working to develop shared professional learning opportunities to serve community facilitators.

Check out the links on the left to learn more about eCampusAlberta and community access, or to explore some of the resources created through partnerships with other community agencies.